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Wild animals (07.02.10)

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         snake             camel             bear        elephant
     giraffe     kangaroo      whale         rhino
Exercise 1
Choose the correct option.
    a)                     b)                 c)                  d)
      e)                     f)               g)                h)
Exercise 2
Choose the best option.
I                                                               IV
a) A giraffe can climb.                            a) A whale can climb
b) A giraffe can run.                               b) A whale can swim
c) A giraffe can swim.                             c) A whale can run
II                                                              V
a) A kangaroo can swim                         a) A snake can climb
b) A kangaroo can climb                        b) A snake can run
c) A kangaroo can jump                         c) A snake can swim
III                                                             VI
a) A bird can climb                                a) An elephant can jump
b) A bird can swim                                b) An elephant can run
c) A bird can fly                                     c) An elephant can fly
Exercise 3
What colour is the ...?
1) The elephant is ...      3) The rhino is...  
2) The kangaroo is ...      4) The snake is ...  
Exercise 4
Choose one animal that ...:
FLIES                           JUMPS                 SWIMS
a) snake                 a) elephant              a) elephant
b) bird                   b) rhino                   b) whale
c) whale                c) kangaroo             c) bird
a) snake
b) whale
c) rhino