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Verb to be present & past

Present tense
am - are  is
Affirmative A. Short form Negative N. Short form Question
I am
You are
He is
She is
It is
We are
You are
They are
I am not
You are not
He is not
She is not
It is not
We are not
You are not
They are not
I'm not
You aren't
He isn't
She isn't
It isn't
We aren't
You aren't
They aren't
Am I?
Are you?
Is he?
Is he?
Is it?
Are we?
Are you?
Are they?

Past tense
was - were
Affirmative Negative N. Short form Question
I was
You were
He was
She was
It was
We were
You were
They were
I was not
You were not
He was not
She was not
It was not
We were not
You were not
They were not
I wasn't
You weren't
He wasn't
She wasn't
It wasn't
We weren't
You weren't
They weren't
Was I?
Were you?
Was he?
Was she?
Was it?
Were we?
Were you?
Were they?
Today Yesterday
 you at school today? Yes, I .Big smile
Is he at the cinema this afternoon? No, he .Unhappy
They  at the ice rink.Big smile
She  at the bowling alley.Unhappy
We  at home.Unhappy
It  five to seven.Unhappy
You  eleven and I  twelve.Big smile
He  at the park this morning.Big smile
 you at school yesterday? No, I .Unhappy
We  at the shopping centre yesterday.Unhappy
You  at the restaurant.Big smile
I  at football stadium. Unhappy
It  five o'clock.Big smile
 she at home? No, she .Unhappy
Last year, I  eleven years old.Big smile
He  here yesterday.Unhappy