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Look, read and answer (Animals A-C)

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Look at the animals for 1 minute. Then answer the questions. (Psst: Look at the names, number of legs, what they are doing and other details)
      ant                           antelope                    bear                     beaver
           bee                        bat                       beetle                       cat
     cheetah                       cow                       crab                   crocodile
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Answer the questions without looking at the pictures.
(Warning: Do not look at the pictures or scroll up - this will result in a '0' score)
    1. How many legs does an ant have?
    2. Which animals can fly?
    3. A beaver has sharp teeth and a long, flat tail.
    4.  have two long horns.
    5. A crab has  legs.
    6. A beetle has  legs.
    7. A cheetah has  spots.
    8. The crocodile is .
    9. Which animals are brown?
    10. The cat is .