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do not use contracted forms-use full forms -is not/are not/have not etc.

1.���� Patients �(treat) in hospitals.

2.��� My passport is not ready yet. It �(make) at the moment.

3.��� The walls of the house �(just/paint).

4.��� The newspaper �(bring) yesterday.

5.��� While the potatoes �(peel) my parents arrived.

6.��� Tomorrow all the compositions �(check).

7.��� The car �(already/repair), now we can use it.

8.��� The weather forecast �(broadcast) on TV at the moment, come and listen.

9.��� While the ceiling �(paint) the bucket with the paint �(upset).

10. The order(not/make) yet.

11.Your dress �(make) at the moment and I think that tomorrow it (finish).

12. My mother is busy at the moment. She cannot come. My baby brother �(feed).

13. Coffee �(just/make) you can have a cup if you like.

14. An interesting program �(show) on TV yesterday.

15. Last lesson we �(tell) about different unusual animals.

1.���� The dinner �(not/cook) yet. The vegetables �(cut) right now. The potatoes (boil) in the morning, so now we need only some time to prepare the salad, meat and sauce.

2.��� Children �(inform) about the rules of our school every year, but unfortunately some of the rules �(not/obey), yesterday another window �(break) and the guilty one �(not/find) yet.

3.��� This book �(read) at our lesson right now. To be honest it is not interesting, but a discussion about the characters of the book �(hold) next lesson, so we have no choice.

4.��� Everybody in our family has a lot of duties. Dishes �(do) by my sister, rooms are �(hover) by my younger brother. Shopping �(do) by my mother, money �(earn) by my father and laundry (do) by me.

5.��� The dog is hungry. It �(not/feed) yet as the dog� s food �(not/buy) yesterday.

Only Present Simple

My school is one of the best schools in the country. All the students �(treat) equally, the lessons �(hold) regularly, all the issues �(discuss) calmly with respect. The teachers �(respect) by the students and the students �(teach)with all the creativity and devotion what a teacher can only give. Parents �(inform) regularly about the success of their children. High grades �(receive) in the tests and if a child has any problems everything �(explain) to him or her until he or she finally understands.

Much -1- already about school issues. Every country has its own particular issues, but still we have much in common. Children -2- in large classes that results in many of them fall behind. Home assignment -3- properly and very often -4- by a teacher either. Last year some of these issues -5- during the teacher conference which -6- on March 31st. Some rational solutions -7- but as far as I am concerned they -8- yet. The pupils -9- usually for being inattentive and the teachers -10- for being too strict. Neither of approaches can be considered as productive as�they give no positive results. The exams -11- every year. The results of the exams -12- regularly for the last five years. The grades -13- carefully for all these years and the conclusions that recently -14- are not the most favorable ones. For example when the students -15- 5 years ago their grades were 15% higher that the grades of the same exams nowadays.


A has been written

B is written

C was written

D writes


A have been taught

B were taught

C are taught

D teach


A has not been done

B is not done

C does

D was not done


A has not been corrected

B was not correct

C corrects

D is not corrected


A have been discussed

B were discussed

C discussed

D are discussed


A has been held

B is held

C was held

D holds


A have been found

B were found

C are found

D was found


A have not been implemented

B were implement

C implemented

D to implement


A have been blamed

B are blamed

C were

D blamed


A have been blamed

B were blamed

C are blamed

D is blamed


A have been held

B were held

C holds

D are held


A have been discussed

B were discussed

C are discussed

D to discuss


A have been analyzed

B are analyzed

C were analyzed

D analyze


A are made

B were made

C is made

D have been made


A have been evaluated

B were evaluated

C was evaluated

D are evaluated