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1. Read the description and guess the animal:

- It's blue and white. It's got fins, small eyes, a big mouth, sharp teeth and a large tail. It lives in the ocean. It eats small fish. It's a mammal. It swims very fast.
- It's very small. It's got a very long tail, scales, four legs and small eyes. It hasn't got wings. It runs very fast.
- It's a long animal. It hasn't got legs. It eats small fish and bread. It swims very fast. It can't fly.
- It's a mammal. It's got big ears. It climbs tall trees. It lives in Australia.
- It's a fish and it's invertebrate. It's got eight tentacles. It lives in the sea. It's� avery intelligent animal.
- It's got brown and yellow spots, a very long neck�and two short horns. It eats grass and fruit. It lives in the grassland.
- It's a small animal. It's got fangs (sharp teeth) and wings. It drinks blood. It sleeps during the day and it flies at night.
- It's a small animal. It's got a sweet face, but it is very fierce. It's got fur, a long tail and small eyes. It climbs tall trees.
- It's a small green amphibian. It eats other frogs. It lives in central and south america.
2. Complete this decription about the whale�with the correct verb:

It a very big and heavy animal. It �a black and white mammal. It a large dorsal fin and two pectoral fins.�It �a long tail, small eyes and a very big mouth. It legs or wings. It sharp teeth too. It in the ocean. It very fast. It fish and other marine mammals. It intelligent and it can be very dangerous.

3. Complete these questions:
�in the ocean? No, it doesn't
�tall trees? No, it can't
�fins and a large tail? Yes, it has
�small? yes, it is
�insects? Yes,�it does
�eight legs? No, it hasn't
�a big mammal? No, it isn't
�blood? No, it doesn't
4. Choose the correct answer:
�sharp teeth and paws.
�legs or arms.
�very small and beautiful.
�in the ocean, specially in�the Atlantic ocean.
�insects or small animals, just plants.
5. Now, write a description on a sheet of paper about this animal. look at the examples above and write as much detailed as you can. You can look at the internet to find information and new words using the dictionary.