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My dolls are moving house

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Watch the animation about  Siwa, Boowa and Kwala (it opens in a new window)
1. Here are some words that can help you to understand the animation better

  move   house

          carry     heavy      light               
  2. Did you like it? Now watch it again and choose the right words in the text below:
 My  are moving . Who  to help? I  some help.                               

help, but I only  little  things. 

My dolls’  is in the corridor.  You go in the  and I’ll  everything in  here.                                 
 go, Kwala.   Here, Kwala, you  this. 

Oh no! You carry it!   A table is much too  for me. I  carry little things.     

Little   like this?   Yes!   Thank you!  Let’s get some .

Thank you. My dolls are going to be very  in their  home.                    

What if we  house? Just like them!

 not?     ! I’m coming  you!                                                          
 3.Now choose the right word (do you remember the Present Simple rules?)
  1.  Kwala  only light things.                                                         
  2.  The dolls  house.
  3.  Siwa's dolls  happy in their new home.
  4.  She  with them.
  5.  We  some help.
  6.  His stuff  in the corridor.
  7.  Siwa  everything in place.
  8.  Kwala  carry heavy things. 
  9.   the dolls move house?
  10.   the table light or heavy?

           4.  Match the answers with the right questions

  1.  Can you carry that heavy fridge?                                A. No, she doesn't. She can do it alone.
  2. Who is moving house?                                                  B.  I'm waiting for my friend.
  3. Where is your stuff?                                                  C.  It's in the car already.
  4. Are you happy in your new home?                                D.  Don't worry, it 's not heavy.
  5. Does she need help?                                                    E.  My sister does. She likes when the house is tidy.
  6. Who puts everything in place?                                     F.  No, she must help her parents carry the things into the house.
  7. Why are you carrying this bag alone?                           G.  Good idea! We can't walk with these heavy bags.
  8. Is she coming with us?                                                 H.  Yes, very much! It is so big and beautiful!
  9. What if we take a taxi?                                              I.   Our neighbours are. Didn't you know?
  10. What are you doing here in the corridor?                     J.  No way! Let's do it together.