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Gloomy Sunday

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Gloomy Sunday

First read the review of the film �Gloomy Sunday� and do the crossword.

"Gloomy Sunday" is an epic romance set in Budapest before, during, and after World War2. The title refers to a song written by a Hungarian composer Rezso Seres in 1933, and popularized in the US by Billie Holiday, which is rumoured to have caused suicides in those who fell under its spell.

"Gloomy Sunday" introduces us to the man who wrote the song, pianist Andras, the woman he wrote it for (Ilona), and the man who loved her first, the Jewish businessman Laszlo. Laszlo's restaurant, famous for its outstanding beef rolls, is the focus of the film and the central love triangle. Everybody comes to Laszlo's, including the German Hans Wieck, who also falls for beautiful Hungarian Ilona. The German customer becomes a corrupt SS officer after the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Hans' friendship is a strategic necessity as the trio struggles to keep the restaurant open and Laszlo free from persecution while the threat of war looms.


1 Where does the story of the film take place?

2 What nationality was the composer of the song �Gloomy Sunday�?

3 How many main characters are there in the film?

4 How many men are in love with Ilona?

5 What is the most popular dish in the restaurant?

Now watch the video and do the exercises.

Tick the words that you can hear.

Sunday is gloomy,

My hoursours are slumberless,

Dear is�� Dearest the shadows

I leave��live with are numberless

Little white flowersflour�s will

Never awake���awaken you

Not where the black coach�� couch

Of sorry��sorrow has taken you

Angels have no thought�� taught of

Every�� Ever returning you

Would they be angry�hungry

If I thought of joiningenjoying you

Gloomy Sunday!

Unscramble the following lines.

�That I'm glad to go

�Soon there'll be candles

�With shadows I spend it all

�I know, but let them not weep,

�Sunday is gloomy

�Decided to end it all

�Let them know

�My heart and I have

�And prayers that are said,

Each line contains an extra word. Write it in the boxes.

The death is no dream,����������������

������� For in your death I'm caressing you���������

������������� � With the very last breath of my��������������������

������������������� � Soul I'll be blessing of you��������� �����������������������

Some words have been jumbled. Write the words in the boxes.

��������������������������������������� Gloomy Sunday

�� Dreaming

I was only (nargedim)

I wake and I find you

(selepa) in the deep of

My heart (eadr)

Darling I (hpeo) that my dream

(nvree) haunted you

My heart is (entglli) you

(who) much I wanted you

������������������������ Gloomy Sunday

������������������������ Gloomy Sunday

���������������������������������������������������������������������� ������