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Simple Past or Past Continuous?

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Choose Simple Past or Past Continuous
The continuous tense is used to show action which
  • lasts for a certain time/for more than a moment
    • I�am wearing a coat today (and I am still wearing it).
  • an ongoing action interrupted by another action
    • Ann was painting the house when the ladder broke.
  • something happening gradually
    • It was getting dark.

And before you start please read the directions again. You have just read examples in different tenses, but what did the directions ask you to do?

1. The Vikings (to drink) �lots of beer.
2. My neighbor came in while I (to read) .
3. As he (to play) �a heavy metal record, he could not hear me.
4. The dog ran off the minute it (to see) �the rabbit.
5. He (to go) �to sleep in the middle of the principal's speech.
6. While the opera singer (to sing) �the song, the audience fell asleep.
7. The car (to start) �with a lot of noise.
8.Everybody (to laugh) �when he fell off his chair.
9. Susan (to come) �to see me yesterday.
10. My friend (to stop) �when the teacher told him to.
11. We (to talk) �about her when she suddenly came in.
12. She (to have) �a bath when the telephone rang.
13. When the train (to arrive) �everybody ran to the doors.
14. While I (to eat) �my dinner my tooth (to break) .
15. As the king (to cross) �the hall, he slipped and fell.
16. When she (to come) �in, her dog (to sleep) �in her chair.