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2 very difficult exercises -IDIOMS-

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Insert the missing word� There are sometimes exercises in EXAMS, at least in my country, where students are not given the missing words, still they are to "guess" what word is missing in each gap. Often the words are missed out in an idiom, sometimes grammar tenses can give you a clue, or a dependent preposition.

When my sister, Jane, got ill, she (1)�� off color for more than three days. We all were very worried as not only her physical When my sister, Jane, got ill, she (1) �off color for more than three days. We all were very worried as not only her physical health was bad, but she also seemed to be (2) �her trolley. When we asked her what the reason of her state was and why she behaved as if she had a screw (3) . She refused to speak to us and accused us (4) �pulling her (5) . Of course we did not mean to hurt her, but she seemed to be a (6) �case and she also was as (7) �as a fruitcake. It made us mad and we decided to give her the (8) �(5 letters) of her own medicine. We did (9) �speak to her and we seemed to be very pococurante about her. But then one day a postman came knocking on the door. He told us that he (10) �brought an official letter to (11) �sister. She was not at home, so I just took it for her. I know that it is not a right thing (12) �do, but I could not (13) �opening the letter. There it was. A doctor from the hospital wrote her that her friend whom she (14) �when she was on holiday (15) �died from cancer. We all were astonished to learn that she had (16) �trying (17) �conceal that her dear friend who she �been telling us about so much had (18) �up the ghost and she did not even tell us that her friend, Mary, (19) �never given us any problems. We did not know what (20) �think and of course it was a bitter pill for us to (21) . When we had read the letter we understood why Jane looked (22) �death warmed up all the time. Now a few years have passed since all this happened. Jane does not behave as if she is not all (23) �and we are happy that she seems to be back to normal. Of course it is very difficult to understand the Law of Life and to get over the fact that one of your friends who is about your age (24) �the dust. But we must go on living! Although Jane is as (25) �as a fiddle nowadays those hard days is still a (26) �spot in our conversations and we try to avoid talking about it. I hope that one day we will get over this and everything will be as (27) �as rain again! Take care of the people who are dear to you and never reject them if they behave as if they were (28) �their rocker because you might not be informed about what they are going through.

Odd one out. The first two lines have already been done for you.

  1. When I feel like off-color, then I take a day off and stay at home.


    It helps me to recharge my batteries even if at first I look like death


    warmed up and after a while I am usually on to the mend. I will tell

    to you one secret. If a person wants to recharge his or her batteries

    then they need to have enoughrest and pleasant emotions. Of course

    when one feels under the bad weather, then he or she cannot even

    dream about good emotions. Emotions are very essential they make our

    inner world. I am completely concerned that far less people would bite

    the sour dust, if they took care of their inner world and personality.

    Again, many people in our society are slightly off their trolleys. I think

    that giving them good care and improving their inner world using positi-

    ve emotions would also let them to integrate back into the society.

    Nobody is as right as a rain, so we have to be more patient, more kind-

    hearted, more calmer. It will improve our physical and mental health

    and it will certainly helps people around. I wish you all are as fit as a