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Means of Transportation

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Means of transportation worksheet preview
Means of transportation

Means of transport worksheet preview
Means of transport

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Means of transport (listening) worksheet preview
Means of transport (listening)

What are they driving? worksheet preview
What are they driving?

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Means of transport
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Age: 7-17
Downloads: 354


Means of Transportation

Choose the correct option:
Wordsearch: Find six means of transportation.


Complete with the correct preposition:
a - It's difficult to carry a lot of things  a bicycle.
b - Can you get there  bike?
c - Who is that man  the motorcycle?
d - Did you come here  your car?
e - How long does it take to go from New York to Los Angeles  plane?
f - "Are you hungry after your trip?" "No, I ate  the plane."
g - I walked to work, but I came home  the bus.
h - Do you like to travel  train?
i - Last year, they took a trip around the world  boat.
j - We traveled from Paris to Moscow  train.