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Irregular Verbs Quiz

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Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net
  1. Last month we on a trip to Jerusalem.


  1. I a good movie last night.


  1. We a tasty vegetables salad yesterday.


  1. He to catch the bus but he missed it!


  1. Anna me a funny joke last night.


  1.  I ”goodbye” and out.


  1.  My parents home very late last Friday.


  1.  I   my homework and then I all the books into my book.


  1. Our teacher  birthday last week.


  1.  Maria a beautiful jacket two hours ago.


  1.  I the new song at the party  yesterday.


  1.  My friends   a wonderful present for my birthday.


  1.  She  very surprised when she  that man there.


     14.  The pupils  an adventure book last lesson.


     15.  The boys   ten minutes ago.


     16.  Somebody my money!



 Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

  1. Mother sick, so she stayed in bed.


  1. I ten hours last night.


  1. Diana her pet dog to school yesterday.


  1. I you were my best friend


  1. The old man near the window and looked outside.


  1.  I  to my old brother last night. He is in France now.


  1. The pupil the math lesson.


  1.  He a letter to his friend in England.


  1. Yesterday, our dad  us to the biggest zoo .


  1.  My glass . Please give me another one.


  1. The baby the new newspaper.


  1.  They  the ball and I  it quickly.


  1.  Last year he   a new house.


     14.  The girls  on the bench in the backyard.


     15.  My uncle me a cool bike two years ago.


     16. The woman  the car slowly because of the rain.


Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

1.     I all the answers.


2.    They English songs at school last Monday.


3.  Rita to collect coins five years ago..


3.    We in the deep end of the pool. It fun!


4.    My neighbors their old car last week.


6. The girl  the horse.


7. The boy  ice cream and pudding.


8. The team the game..


  1. My glasses  on the shelf.


10. Our class to Italy last summer.


11.  I the highest grade in the test last month.


  1.  My friend  100 dollars in the park yesterday.


  1.  The pupils  over the ball.


     14.  Jack  Dan a postcard from Brazil.


     15.  Mother  her baby before she  to bed.


     16.  The car  a terrible noise on the way home.



 Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

  1. We class at 8 o’clock this morning.


  1. The apartment a lot of money.


  1. Teacher that movie for us.


  1. I a ballet dancer in 1997.


  1. The old woman her bag in the supermarket.


  1.  He  the chocolate cake.


  1. The bus driver that little girl to school today.


  1.  My dad the house early in the morning yesterday.


  1. Last year I  my pet snake in a glass cage .


  1.  We how to write a thank you note last Tuesday.


  1. The girl from the chair and started to cry loudly.


  1.  I  Bob my rollerblades last week.


  1. She her new pens some time ago .They  expensive.


     14.  The boys  very tired.


     15.  My aunt   a beautiful picture of the sea.


     16.  You   all your money on computer games yesterday.


Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

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