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Irregular Verbs Quiz

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Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net
  1. Last month we on a trip to Jerusalem.


  1. I a good movie last night.


  1. We a tasty vegetables salad yesterday.


  1. He to catch the bus but he missed it!


  1. Anna me a funny joke last night.


  1. I �goodbye� and out.


  1. My parents home very late last Friday.


  1. I���my homework and then I all the books into my book.


  1. Our teacher �birthday last week.


  1. Maria�a beautiful jacket two hours ago.


  1. I the new song at the partyyesterday.


  1. My friends � a wonderful present for my birthday.


  1. She� very surprised when she �that man there.


���� 14.The pupils �an adventure book last lesson.


���� 15.The boys�ten minutes ago.


���� 16.Somebody my money!


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  1. Mother sick, so she stayed in bed.


  1. I ten hours last night.


  1. Diana her pet dog to school yesterday.


  1. I you were my best friend


  1. The old man near the window and looked outside.


  1. I �to my old brother last night. He is in France now.


  1. The pupil the math lesson.


  1. He a letter to his friend in England.


  1. Yesterday, our dad �us to the biggest zoo .


  1. My glass . Please give me another one.


  1. The baby the new newspaper.


  1. They �the ball and I �it quickly.


  1. Last year he � a new house.


���� 14.The girls �on the bench in the backyard.


���� 15.My uncle me a cool bike two years ago.


���� 16. The woman �the car slowly because of the rain.


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1.���� I all the answers.


2.��� They English songs at school last Monday.


3. Rita to collect coins five years ago..


3.��� We in the deep end of the pool. It fun!


4.��� My neighbors their old car last week.


6. The girl �the horse.


7. The boy��ice cream and pudding.


8. The team the game..


  1. My glasses �on the shelf.


10. Our class to Italy last summer.


11. I the highest grade in the test last month.


  1. My friend �100 dollars in the park yesterday.


  1. The pupils �over the ball.


���� 14.Jack �Dan a postcard from Brazil.


���� 15.Motherher baby before she �to bed.


���� 16.The car �a terrible noise on the way home.


Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

  1. We class at 8 o�clock this morning.


  1. The apartment a lot of money.


  1. Teacher that movie for us.


  1. I a ballet dancer in 1997.


  1. The old woman her bag in the supermarket.


  1. He �the chocolate cake.


  1. The bus driver that little girl to school today.


  1. My dad the house early in the morning yesterday.


  1. Last year I �my pet snake in a glass cage .


  1. We how to write a thank you note last Tuesday.


  1. The girl from the chair and started to cry loudly.


  1. I Bob my rollerblades last week.


  1. She her�new pens�some time�ago .They �expensive.


���� 14.The boys��very tired.


���� 15.My aunt�a beautiful picture of the sea.


���� 16.You � all your money on computer games yesterday.


Patterned Text Generator at TextSpace.net

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