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Verb tense: The Perfect & Past Perfect

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Verbs: Past Participle 
The perfect tense and the past perfect tense are often used in English when we are relating two events which happened in the past. It helps to show which event happened first. 
  • The perfect tense is formed in English with have or has and the past participle, as in They have eaten.
  • The past perfect tense is formed in English with had and the past participle, as in They had eaten
The difference between Perfect Tense and Past Tense:
  • Perfect tense > She has been an actress for 20 years (and she still is!)
  • Past tense > She was an actress for 20 years (she is not an actress anymore!)

Write the past participle of the following verbs:
to dream      to play      to hold      to rise      to win      to be
to do      to laugh      to think      to forget      to have
to move     to read      to happen      to see      to feel

Write the Perfect Tense with has or have and the past participle:
1. I   (to dream) about you every night for two weeks.
2. Billy   (to play) for Stoke City for two years next Saturday.
3. Until today, they  always  (to hold) their heads high.
4. For as long as anyone can remember, the sun  always  (to rise) in the East.
5. I  just  (to win) $100,000.
6. Joan and I   (to be) together for 45 years.
7.  you  (to do) your homework?
8. I  not  (to laugh) so much for years.
9. Why don't we see John anymore? I thought you knew; he   (to move) to Liverpool.
10. Did you like the movie? Honestly, I   (to see) better ones.
11.  you ever  (to think) about becoming a lawyer?
12. Where is Liz? Don't tell me she   (to forget) our date.
13. No wonder he always behaves so badly. He   (to have) the most horrible childhood.
14.  you  (to read) today's paper?
15. I think this   (to happen) to me at least ten times today.