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3 activities about Winnie the Pooh for small children

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Tick the sentences if you can see the objects described in them.
  1. I can see flowers.
  2. I can see butterflies.
  3. I can see a piglet.
  4. I can see a donkey.
  5. I can see an owl.
  6. I can see Christofer Robin.
  7. I can see a rainbow.
  8. I can see a forest.
  9. I can see a tiger.
  10. I can see a house.

Tick the sentences if they are True to the picture.
  1. The tiger is in the middle.
  2. Winnie the pooh has a pot with honey.
  3. The tiger is running.
  4. It is winter.
  5. There are 6 animals in the picture.
  6. The piglet is orange.


a bear              a bear                 a donkey
a piglet            a piglet               a rabbit  
a donkey          a kangaroo          a kangaroo
a rabbit            an owl                 an owl