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Letīs fight pollution at school.

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 Let's fight pollution at school.
What can young people do to fight pollution? Match utterances from columns A and B to make coherent sentences.



1. Collect a. a school magazine.
2. Put rubbish b. flower pots in the courtyard.
3. Stop c. to clean the school.
4. Plant a d. discussion groups.
5. Put up e. specialists to talk about pollution.
6. Organise f. environmental competitions.
7. Put g. campaigns.
8. Invite h. about environment protection.
9. Create a school website i. a green club.
10. Distribute j. waste paper and litter.
11. Organise k. leaflets about environment protection.
12. Make l. littering.
13. Volunteer m. tree.
14. Organise n. posters around the school.
15. Create o. in garbage cans.
 1.    2.    3.   4.    5.   6.    7.   8.    9.   10.  11.  12.  13.   14.   15.
Now match the sentences to the pictures. Write the number of the sentence in the box next to the picture.