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Present Perfect Continuous

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Present Perfect Continuous

A. Fill in the blanks with the Present Perfect Continuous of the verbs in brackets.
1. Mary  (play) trompet since half past three.
2. How long  (John/study) for the exam?
3. Where  (she/live) since then?
4. Michael  (sleep) for two hours.
5. Jane  (work) in the supermarket since half past ten and she is still there.
6. Those chemicals  (pollute) our rivers and rivulets.
7.  (they/not/live) in London lately?
8. What  (you/do) for the last two hours?
9. The children  (play) outside.
10. She  (do) the homework since she arrived home.
B. Answer the questions as in the example.
Example: How long has she been working? (paint the wall / for three hours)
             She has been painting the wall for three hours.
1. How long have those youngsters been preparing that play? (rehearse / for a week)
2. How long have Michael and Sarah been going out together? (date / for two months)
3. How long has Steve been writing his essay? (work hard / since last Sunday)
4. How long has Darcey been painting the bedroom walls? (work on it / for three hours)
C. Look at the pictures and write sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous.
 (do / aerobics / three hours)
 (bake / bread / three o'clock)
 (chat / noon)
 (play / marbles / went outside)
 (garden / the whole afternoon)