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Alice in Wonderland Trailer

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Tim Burton’s  Alice in Wonderland

Trailer Exercise –Enjoy! Put the sentences in the order you here them…

Put numers from 1 to 21 in front of the line to mark it.

 Alice Kingsley… Will you be my wife…

 Some say to survive it …

 Alice … It’s you…. You’re back ….

 Help me to walk right again…

 We have our champion…

 You are late for tea…

 Alice , Meet me at the gazebo in a precisely ten minutes…

 Well…This has been happening so quickly… I think I need a moment…

 Alice has returned to Wonderland…

 Hold on tightly

 Only if you believe it is….

 Alice….Alice… The Alice….?

 There is a place like no place on Earth…

 You need to be as mad as a Hatter

 Which luckily I am .

 You’re absolutely unaffected  anywhere…

 Since you’ve been gone The Red Queen has taken over all the Wonderland…

 Over the head!!

 Find her!!!!

 I need a pig here.. I love a worm pig below my aching feet… Stop that!

 This is impossible…

by Magdalena Sztuba
GOOd luck!!