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The Last Song trailer exercise with Miley Cyrus

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Last song”

Trailer Exercise –Enjoy!

Decide whether the following sentences are true or false…

  1. The movie isn't based on the book.
  2. The movie is said to be a hit because it has all the needed elements: heartache, conflict, tears, love.
  3. New photos have just been released on the official clever TV web site.
  4. Fans are analyzing if the couple from the movie is a couple off-screen.
  5. The kids’ parents aren’t together anymore.
  6. Ronnie didn’t get into Julliard.
  7. The kid has been a vegetarian for 1,5 year.
  8. The kids’ mom is about to get married.
  9. The kids were sent to their dad for two weeks to reconnect with their father.
  10. According to Ronnie’s mom people should be perfect.
  11. Ronnie has a lot of friends there.
  12. According to Ronnie’s dad, sometimes, being apart from those who you love make you love them even more.
  13. The kids’ father has a cute smile.