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Final "s"/"es" & "ed", RULES, Pronunciation (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek of Relizane

Second / Third Year Pupils - Scientific Streams

Reference sheet – 00E

The sounds /s/, /z/ or /iz/?
Consonant clusters with “s
A. What sounds /s/, /z/ or /iz/?
1) Three of the nouns below are always uncountable. All the others can sometimes be plural. Write an “s” on the end of the nouns that can be plural.
1-governments            6-minute            11-game
2-computer            7-homework       12-traffic
3-change                8-machine          13-language
4-mistake               9-prize                13-tourist
5-information        10-weapon          15- suggar
Notice the different ways that “sis pronounced at the end of these nouns:
Governments           computers            changes
                        /s/                 /z/              /iz/
2) Listen again to the plural nouns and write them in the correct columns in the table below. Follow the order .
3) Now complete the rules
a) If a noun ends with the sounds , the final “sis pronounced:
  /s/ , /z/ ,  /iz/
b) If a noun ends with any other voiceless consonant sound , the final “sis pronounced: /s/ , /z/ , /iz/
c) If a noun ends with any other voiced consonant sound  or a vowel sound, the final “sis pronounced:  /s/ , /z/ ,  /iz/
4) The rules above are the same for the THIRD PERSON SINGULAR “-s” at the end of VERBS in the Present Simple. Can you work out how these verbs are pronounced?
 Hopes          Fixes                Kisses   
 Rises            Expects            Tries
 Drives          Wishes             Works  
 Reaches  /iz/       Watches           Remembers

B. Consonant clusters with “s”
1) All these words have “s” + consonant at the beginning. How is “s” pronounced? Listen then make your choice: /s/ , /z/ , /iz/
space       statue     swimming    states
smile        smoke     spelling       sport
small        slow        Sweden       snow
2) Complete the sentences below using the cues given.
d) but / speak / speak / Spanish / Swedish / I / don't / unfortunately / I
 Spanish but, unfortunately, .
e) Steve / doesn't / slowly / very / speaks / he / ?
f) and / snowing / Scandinavia / it / Switzerland / was / Sunday / Spain / on / in
It .
g) sports / started / he / playing / smoking / has / stopped / and
He .
h) spare / Stephanie / squash / plays / and / time / in / swimming / her / goes