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The Future: will/be going to

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Subject+ will (�ll)+ infinitive


Subject + am/is/are + going to + infinitive


Subject+ will not / (won�t)+ infinitive


Subject + am not/isn�t/aren�t + going to+ infinitive


Will + subject+ Infinitive


Am/is/are + subject + going to + infinitive




a) to make predictions based on our feelings (what we think will happen- with verbs: think, believe, expect, be sure) or to make statements of fact about the future. � I think your cholesterol will go up a little bit.�

�Obesity will increase in the USA in the following years.�

a)�� to make predictions based on the present situation.

(what we can see it is going to happen)

� There are many clouds in the sky. It�s going to rain.�

Decisions and Intentions

b) to express an instant decision.

(deciding at the time of speaking)

�It�s cold. I�ll shut the window.�

b) to express plans and intentions.

( we have already decided)

�We are going to have dinner at the restaurant next Saturday, because it�s my mother�s birthday.�

c) to express a promise

�I won�t tell your secret to anyone.�

d) to express an offer

�Don� worry. I�ll help you with your homework.�

A. Match the following examples with the right situation.

a) to make predictions based on the present situation

b) to make predictions based on our feelings

c) to make statements of fact about the future
d) to express plans and intentions

e) to express an instant decision

f) to express a promise

g) to express an offer

1. A:�Look it�s raining!�

��� B:� Ok, I will get an umbrella.�

2. That bag looks heavy. I�ll help you with it.

3. Thank you for lending me some money.

����� I�ll pay you back on Friday.

4. Mother is laying the table. The family is going to have lunch.

5. The obesity rate will increase in the USA next year.

6. I�expect people will change their eating habits in a near future.

7. Catarina, Solange and Melissa are going to spend a week in Spain�next month.

B.�Will or be going to? Choose the correct option.

1. We made a decision about our holidays.� We around Europe.

2. A: �I�m with a terrible headache.�

��� B: � I� get you an aspirin.

3. Peter his children to the zoo. He has already the entrance tickets.

4. I�m sure Bruno the race tomorrow.

5. It�s very cold today. It

6. Robots the housework in the future.

7.� Bill,�� me washing the car?

8.Temperatures�a lot in the future.

C.�Look at the pictures�below and complete the sentences with the future.


�I�m not feeling well.�

Don�t worry! I

Peter and Susan

next Saturday.


�replaced by interactive boards in a near future.

The Masons�����

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