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Some or Any

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Some or any worksheet preview
Some or any

Some or any worksheet preview
Some or any

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ีunit 4 ws 4 g.4

Some or any worksheet preview
Some or any

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                SOME OR ANY
1.Complete the sentences using some or any.
  1. I can’t pay. I haven’t got  money.
  2. Have you got  brothers or sisters?
  3. There are  beautiful flowers in the garden.
  4. “Would you like  tea?” “Yes please.”
  5. Do you know  good hotels in London?
  6. We haven’t got bread, so I am going to buy .
  7. I went out to buy milk but they didn’t have in the shop.

2. Complete the sentences using something/anything, somebody/anybody, somewhere/anywhere.

  1. There isn’t in the box. It’s empty.
  2. I can do this job alone. I don’t need to help me.
  3. Tom lives near London.
  4. There is in the garden.
  5. It’s dark. I can’t see  .
  6. Where should we go tomorrow?  warm and sunny.
  7. Where did you put my book? on that shelf.
  8. There is at the door.
  9. We haven’t heard about Peter. Is he ill?
  10. Can I have to drink?
  11. Don't worry. can tell you where the post-office in this town is.
  12. John likes his new bike very much. He goes on it.
  13. Where is my scarf? I can’t find it .
  14. I have to do to pass this test. Maybe I should study?