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Auxiliary verb "To do"

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SUPER ENGLISH VERBS! PART 3: DO - ! PAGE GRAMMAR-GUIDE ( the verb to do as an auxiliary and a main verb, do as a phrasal verb with meanings and examples and collocations with do)
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Auxiliary verb "DO"
Choose the correct form of "to do" in the following sentences:
  1. �you know what time the movie starts?
  2. �your boyfriend ever ask you out to dinner?
  3. �Peter tell you about the accident yesterday?
  4. Peter �not tell me, but that is because he �not know anything about it.
  5. My new house �not look very big, but it is.
  6. �not throw your coat on the floor! You can hang it on this hanger.
  7. I'm telling you; if you ever ruin any of my things again, I �not know what I'll do!
  8. Go away, and �not ever come back!
  9. Is it true that he �not want to go to Berlin?
  10. Your friends �not like school, do they?
  11. When �she plan to come and visit me?
  12. At what time �she come home last night?
  13. Henry and I �not come home until 10 p,.
  14. He �not want to join the army, so he moved to Canada.