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Likes and dislikes

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SmileSmile= LOVE����� Smile=LIKE���� �Unhappy= DON'T LIKE, DOESN'T LIKE, DISLIKE������ UnhappyUnhappy= HATE
Write the following verbs in the -ing form:
1. Paint
2. Write
3. Love
4. Read
5. Listen
6. Play
7. Sit
8. Stop
9. Hit
10. Keep
11.� Cook
12. Make
13. Type
14. Drink
15. Try
16. Dig
17. Watch
18. See
19. Spy
20. Be
.Write "Love , like, don't like, doesn't like, dislike�or hate" in the following boxes:
1. I �eating Pizza on Saturdays. SmileSmile
2. My sister �tidying her room. UnhappyUnhappy
3. She �making dinner on Mondays. Unhappy
4. Arthur �playing rugby with his friends. SmileSmile
5. My�aunt��driving at night. UnhappyUnhappy
6. Your brothers �sleeping in the tent. Smile
7. Those children �listening to the radio. SmileSmile
8. These men �working on Sundays. Unhappy
9. My niece �reading adventure books. Smile
10. Your father's friends �driving their cars�when it is raining.��Unhappy
Write the verbs in blue in the corresponding gaps:
Get - Tidy -�Do - Brush -� Make - Go - Go - Have - Meet - Eat
1. She doesn't like� her room everyday
2. Do you like to bed at eleven o'clock?
3. My mother dislikes up at 7.
4. Does your sister hate cold food?
5. Anne's father loves to work by car.
6. I always like my homework before 7 o'clock.
7. John likes his teeth every night.
8. Your�grandmother hates� dinner for 6 people.
9. Does she like a shower after dinner?
10. Hannah loves her friends once a week
Order the following sentences:
1. classical My likes mother�to music. listening
2.�his� dad� car. Ana's washing hates�
3. travelling friend by loves My plane. father's
4. emails.�writing� I long hate
5. watching dislikes films horror She TV. on
6. in Tommy dancing the loves disco.
7. English. My speaking� maths loves teacher
8. doesn't early.friend's sister My like getting up�
9. the I getting dressed mornings. like in�
10.� a at bath aunt having nights. loves James'
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