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Comparing & Contrasting, The Soldier and the Sailor. (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Second Year Students
Scientific Streams 2007/2008
Comparing / Contrasting

The Sailor and the Soldier
Activity: Complete the following dialogue. Use the adjective, comparative or superlative form of the words below. (Some words may be repeated)
light - nice - stupid - lanky - curly - dark - mean - blond - chubby - gullible - dark - long - pretty - touchy - tall - warm - curly – close
SOLDIER: Hi, mate! Can't wait to get home. I haven't been home for six months.
SAILOR:   Well, I have been away from home much  than that.
SOLDIER: Where do you live? I live in Scotland.
SAILOR:   Well, I live in Kent; it is a bit than Scotland.
SOLDIER: Have you got a girlfriend or wife? 
SAILOR:   Yes, I have a girlfriend who wants to marry me, but she's than me.
SOLDIER: Is she a lot than you?
SAILOR:   Oh, yes. 10 centimetres.
SOLDIER: Well my girlfriend is much than that. In fact she is woman I know.
SAILOR:   My girlfriend's very , too. Have you got a photo of your one?
SOLDIER: Yes, here it is. My girlfriend is girl in the world, but she is so .
SAILOR:   She reminds me of my girlfriend, but this woman has hair. Let me look with my glasses. Hmmmm! This woman is definitely as as my girlfriend! Just a minute! She is MY girlfriend, not YOUR girlfriend! You're scumbag I have ever met. Get a girlfriend of your own!
SOLDIER: Are you sure she's your girlfriend? Is her hair as as your girlfriend's?
SAILOR:   Well, no, but she must have dyed it. It's usually much than that. I have always preferred blondes. 
SOLDIER: Well, there you are, then. She can't be your girlfriend - her hair's the wrong colour.
SAILOR:   Maybe you're right, but she does look just like my Meg. Sorry, mate. Didn't mean to turn on you like that. I'm not usually as as that. Look, here's a photo of Meg.
SOLDIER: Yes, she does resemble my Margaret a bit, but her hair is much and she also looks in the face. (Thinks: You must be than you look!)
SAILOR:   Yes. You're right. Well then, bye mate. to have met you.
SOLDIER: Bye, mate. (Thinks: You must be man I have ever met!)