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What HAVE / HAVEN`T they GOT?

1.      Tim   a new skateboard.                               11.  The kid a water pistol. 

2.   They a piano.                                         12. Jack  a big tasty burger.
3.  Jack  a rewarding job.                             13. Paul  a bunch of flowers.
4.John  a lovely wife.                                                14. The children baloons.
5.   Simon  many objects to sell.                         15. They  warm clothes.
6.  Jack  a red tractor.                                        16. Tobby  a violin.
7.  Pat  the correct map..                                   17.Tim  a shiny saxophone.
8. Andrew a big pointed nose.                                      18. Peter  a new cyber girlfriend.
9. They  heavy backpacks.                                19.  Ann   a new car.
10.The baby  cars to play with.                          20. Jane  a lot of mail in the bag.