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1.  As soon as the post  (deliver) the package  (unwrap).

2.  When all of the work  (do) they  (give) their money for it.

3.  First the material  (cut) and a nice pillowcase  (make).

4.  We  (tell) by the keeper that all of his things  (already/take) away by the police.

5.  After the rules  (explain) the exercise  (do).

6.  Before the room  (air) it  (clean).

7.  First the leaves  (rake), then they  (take) away.

8.  By five o’clock all of the parents  (call) by the teacher and they  (warn) that the lessons  (cancel).

9.  When the bill  (pay) the electricity  (connect).

10.       As the information (explain) to us the conclusions (make).

11.       At three o’clock all the tests  (hand).

12.       By the time the tests  (hand) in half of the students  (check) for the scripts.

1.  The snow (already/shovel) when they arrived.

2.  After the laundry  (wash) it  (iron).

3.  By three o’clock yesterday all of the chores  (do).

4.  At three o’clock yesterday the mail  (deliver).

5.  The meat (eat) as it (cook).

6.  Before the check  (write) the price (set).

7.  First the car  (check) then a proper document  (issue).

8.  By the time the diagnosis (determine) the patient  (examine) twice by the doctor. 

9.  When the bus  (repair) their journey  (continue).

10.   At three o’clock an important announcement  (make) informing the students that the exams (cancel).

11.   By the time the car  (repair) half of the spare parts  (change).

1.     The garden  (already/clean) when a nice sculpture  (deliver).

2.     The thief  (arrest) as he  (find) hiding behind the counter.

3.     First the loan from the bank  (take), then the house  (buy).

4.     Before the party  (organize) the guests  (invite).

5.     As the dishes  (do) they  (dry).

6.     When the letter  (receive) it  (answer).

7.     After the diploma work  (write) it  (read) by the supervisor.

8.     At three o’clock all the updates  (install) successfully.

9.     By the time the facts  (discover) almost fifty witnesses  (question).

10.  The seminar  (already/conduct) when new participants  (introduce) to the group.

11.  When the documents  (submit) they  (sign) by the applicants.

12.  When the documents  (submit) they  (sign) by the admission committee.

1.     As the eggs  (buy) at the shop they  (fry).

2.    As soon as homework  (check) the correction of mistakes  (do).

3.    Before the tour  (book) several booklets  (read) very attentively.

4.    First the apples  (peel) then an apple pie  (bake).

5.    By three o’clock everything  (explain).

6.    The ceiling  (already/paint) when the walls  (paper).

7.    After all the wood  (chop) it  (take) to the shed.

8.    By one o’clock all the applications  (process).

9.    By the time the solution to the problem  (find) much  (analyze) and several conclusions  (make).

10. As soon as the anthem  (sing) the athletes  (introduce).

11.  Before the passengers  (let) in to board the plane they  (search).

12. After the exercise  (correct) it  (give) back to the students.

13. At one o’clock all the documents  (send) to this address.

14. As soon as the insurance  (buy) the receipt  (write).

15. By six o’clock all of the work  (do).

16. As soon as the money  (give) the goods  (deliver).