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Test in ´have got´, ´be´ and countries

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1. Choose the correct answer:

1. Tom a cat.
2. The  cat black and white.
3. These Tom's favourite colours.
4. Hilary and Jane best friends.
5. Hilary 10 and Jane 11.
6. Jane two brothers.
7. Hilary brothers, she one sister.
8. you got a pen?
9. Yes, I  she got a pencil?
10. No, she .

2. Mark the correct answer:

1. Where is Tilly?
a) Tilly is in the room.  b) Tilly has got a pen.
2. Have you got a dog?
a) No, I haven't got a dog.  b) Yes, it is a dog.
3. Are Tom and Jerry friends?
a) Yes, they are.  b) Yes, they have.
4. Is that box on the table?
a) Yes, it's got a pen. b) Yes, it is on the table.
5. Where is Andrea from?
a) He is 10.  b) He is from Italy.

3. Find 8 countries: