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Young Frankenstein, the hermit scene

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YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, the hermit scene

Hermit: A visitor is all I ask. A temporary companion to help me pass a few short hours in my . Thank you lord, thank you. Don’t speak. My joy, my prize from heaven. Now you must have been in your class. My name is Harold and I live  here all alone. What is your name?

Monster: MMMMM

Hermit : I that.

Monster: MMMMM

Hermit: Oh forgive me, I didn’t realize you were mute. You see how heaven plans. Me, a and you, you a mute. An incredibly big mute. Ah, but your hand is frozen , my child., Have a nice bowl of soup .

Monster: MMMMM

Hermit: I know to be cold and hungry yes, and how much it means to have a little kindness from a stranger. Are you ready for your soup? Pull out your bowl, and …you don’t know what your visit means to me. I have waited for the pleasure of another human being, and sometimes…. We tend to forget the super pleasure, the true happiness, yes yes.  Now, with your soup? Good, good. Wait, a toast, a toast to.... yes, long friendship. How hungry you must have been and now a surprise. For a special occasion I have been saving……cigars. .

Monster: MMMMM

Hermit:  No no fire is good, fire is good, yes, fire is our friend, I’ll show you. You see? you see?  Do you have  your cigar? Let me see.. I’m holding my candle. Don’t inhale until ….. Wait, wait, where you going? I was going to make espresso.

Somebody who pays a visit.

Somebody who can’t see.

Somebody who can’t speak.

Somebody who hasn’t eaten for a long time.



The hermit is very happy to have a visitor.

He hopes the visitor will stay for a long time.

He realizes immediately that the visitor is mute.

He thinks it’s very important to be kind to strangers.

He is unable to fill the visitor’s mug with wine.

He wanted to offer his visitor a cup of coffee too.