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Have / Have got / be

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             Have / Have got / Be
Tony's family
  Hi, I'm Tony.  I thirty two and I a big family.  We live in Birmingham in England.  I  three sisters and four brothers.  We  all in our twenties or thirties now.  My mum and dad  retired now and they like to relax in the garden and go on holidays.
My sisters  all married but they  any children at the moment.  All of my brothers  single and I think they don't want to get married or have children.  Yes, it  strange! All the women are married in my family!  I  single at the moment but want to find the right person one day....
My youngest sister's name is Angela and she  22 years old.  She  brown hair and brown eyes.  She's sometimes shy but always generous.  She's very beautiful (probably the most beautiful!) and likes swimming in the sea.  My oldest brother is called John.  He  39 and works a lot.  He  usually very tired after work and always goes to bed at 9 p.m.!
I the youngest of the brothers, and I  a job at the moment.  So I get up late and I'm never tired! But I a bike which I use every day to stay fit, and I visit my friends and family at the weekend.
  1.   Tony have a bicycle?   Yes, he .
  2.  Tony got a girlfriend?   No, he .
  3.  his sisters married?   Yes, they .
  4. How old is Tony's oldest brother?  .
  5.  Tony's youngest sister have green eyes?  . (Yes/No)
  6.  Tony got a job?  .  (Yes/No)
  7.  does his family live?   In Birmingham.
  8.  Angela attractive or ugly?  She's very attractive!
  9.  Tony have a pet?  I don't know, he doesn't say.
  10.  he usually tired?  No.