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past simple and past continuous

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Ex. 1. Put the verbs in the correct places. Use the past simple. Sometimes you need the negative form.

      Be        win        break        buy        can        get        go   fall      know    lose    miss       sell       spend        want       wake    


  1. Jane, Nelly and Ann are excellent players, so they the first match easily.
  2. We anywhere and most of our time at home last summer.
  3. Yesterday my auntin town and some new clothes at Bailey’s.
  4. I up early and quickly out of bed so I the train.
  5. Our cousin Frank first abroad alone when heonly seven.
  6. They good friends and they each other very well.
  7. Little Paul the key and open the front door.
  8. Two days ago Nick off the ladder and his leg very badly.
  9. I how to drive, so I my brother to teach me.
  10. My neighbour a car in a lottery two months ago and his old BMW.

Ex. 2. Rose spent the weekend at her grandparents. Ask her questions about it. Use the past simple.

  1. ( go / alone?)
  2. ( the weather / good?)
  3. ( how / get there? )
  4. ( what / do / in the evenings ?)
  5. ( when / go to sleep?)
  6. ( who / go / for a walk with?)
  7. ( your grandparents / happy to have you with them ?)
  8. ( help / your grandmother much about the house?)
  9. ( make / new friends there?)
  10. ( have / a good time in the country?)

Ex. 3. Complete the sentences putting the words in brackets into the correct form. Use the past continuous or past simple.

  1. Carol ( make) dinner when the phone (ring) .
  2. I (do) my weekly shopping when I (see)Jane. We (stop)and (have) a chat.
  3. We (be)stuck in a traffic jam. We (not know) what to do.
  4. Susan (have) the feeling that everyone (look)at her.
  5. He (lie) down on the sofa, (open) the book and (start)to read.
  6. The boys (enjoy) the film, when suddenly the electricity (go)off.
  7. While Dick (try) to get his car started the police car (stop) and the driver (offer) his help. It (is) very nice of him.
  8. The kids (make)so much noise  that I couldn’t hear what he (say)and (ask)him to repeat.
  9. He (stand)at the bus stop. I asked him what bus he (wait) for.
  10. When I (hear)the doorbell, I (run)downstairs.