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Perfect Prague

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A. Watch the following video about Prague and number the attractions in the order in which they are presented.
 The Vltava River 
 The Dancing Building 
 The Astronomical Clock 
 The Prague Castle 
 The Charles Bridge 
 Wenceslas Square 
B.   Watch the video again and complete the answers to the following questions:
1.      How long has Prague been the capital of the Czech Republic?
‘Prague has been the capital of the Czech Republic for more than  years.’
2.      Why is it a big hit with tourists?
‘In fact it’s one of the  cities you’ll ever come across; a place where a thousand years of  have been perfectly .’
3.      What is the number one spot in the list of attractions?
‘And the number one spot is the  , a glorious  extravaganza built in the  century.’
4.      What do many tourists take photos of on the CharlesBridge?
‘And of course it’s the fabulous   that turn this bridge into a great photo op.’
5.      What’s the second most popular sight in Prague?
‘Not far behind the bridge in popularity is the  .’
6.      Where is it located?
‘It’s just around the corner from the Old Town , the city’s  heart.’
7.      What happened in Wenceslas Square in 1989?
‘It was here in 1989 that more than 250.000 people gathered to  the communist regime in what’s known as the  .’
8.      What is Czech cuisine mostly based on?
‘It’s  and also a lot of .’
9.      How many types of beer are there to choose from?
‘Today there are  different types of beer to choose from.’
10.  Who is the Czechs’ favourite composer and what inspired his most memorable tune?
‘It’s not beer that pumps through the heart of Prague, however, but this, the  , immortalized by the Czechs’ favourite composer, Bedrich .’
11.  What is the official home of the Czech President?
‘Towering above the Vltava is the Castle mount. The  itself is the official home of the Czech President.’
12.  What saint is the city’s cathedral dedicated to?
‘Next door is the city’s Cathedral dedicated to St. .’
13.  When was the Dancing Building built and what do the locals call it?
‘It was built in the  and it’s called the Dancing Building. The locals call it  and .’