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A visit to the turtles farm

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"A visit to the turtles farm"

Last week, Diego and his class went to the turtles farm. Diego wanted to see all the turtles that live in Tabasco, Mexico.
They caught the school bus and went to "La granja de tortugas" in Nacajuca, Tabasco, Mexico. All the children were excited because they love animals.
The school bus stopped outside of the farm. Diego was very happy because the weather was hot and sunny.
I. Complete the sentences.
1. � Diego and his class went to the turtles farm.
2.Diego wanted to see the .
3.They went to the farm by the school .
4.They went to � in Nacajuca, Tabasco, Mexico.
5. The sunny�weather made Diego �.
First, they saw a video about how turtles live in nature, what do they eat and how many days they incubate eggs.
They learned that in Tabasco there are six species of turtles: Hicotea turtle, Mojina turtle, Guao turtle, Pochitoque turtle, White turtle, Chiquiguao turtle.
II.Answer the questions.
1. What did they see first?
a) a big turtle
b) a video
2. How many species of turtles were they?
a) six
b) seven
Diego and his friends went where the baby turtles were.
Diego was very happy to be in front of the turtle and he wanted to touch it. He put his finger in front of the turtle's mouth and it bit him.
Diego started to cry and shouted "my finger hurts". The teacher checked his finger and nothing serious happened to it.
Diego was�sad but his teacher said: "It's�ok Diego, don't cry. You can come to the farm again but next time be careful and don't touch the turtles because they are wild animals".
III. Write: True or False
1.Diego wanted to touch the turtle.�
2.The turtle bit him.
3.Diego was happy.
4.Diego's mom said "It's ok Diego".