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American History, a parody

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in the ghetto
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Physical description listening
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Shopping + Teenagers´ opinions on fashion - Listening TEST for Intermediate Students
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Valentine´s Day - Listening activities (video from youtube)
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A 13-year-old boy´s life: Listening Comprehension Test
Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
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Watch the video and choose the right option:


1 The people who emigrated from Europe were called 


2 They left because 


3 When they arrived in America they  


4 They solved the problem


5 They were still scared so they


6 They fought against the British in


7 What did the second amendment say, that each man


8 Why did they go to Africa?


9 What did the slaves help them to become?


10 What happened after 200 years of slavery?


11 Samuel Colt invented the gun


12 What is the KKK? 


13 What was made illegal for black people?


14 What happened in 1955?
















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