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Insert a suitable wh-word in the following sentences:

1.  is the cheapest place to eat, Leo's Restaurant or Tom's cafè?
2.  students are there in your class? There are 22 students.
3.  is yor mum doing? She's baking a cake.
4.  are you going to NY? Next month.
5.  does Tim live? In Oxford.
6.  is the boy over there? He's my brother.
7.  are you so tired? I couldn't sleep last night.
8.  bike is that? It's Mike's.
9.  is that skirt? 30€.
10.  is my book? I can't find it.
11.  are your parents? Fine, thanks.
12.  is bigger, Canada ore the USA?
13.  do you usually go to work? By car
14.  kind of films do you like?
15.  sugar do you need? 1 kilo, I think.
16.  opened the window? John opened it!

Insert a suitable preposition in the following sentences:

1. It's very cold  winter.
2. He was born  1995.
3. She's  London  the moment.
4. I haven't school  Saturday.
5. There are beautiful flowers  the garden.
6. We always go  school  bus.
7. Do you always go  the cinema  your friends?
8. My birthday is  October 20th.
9. My father works  night.
10. I'm listening  the radio.