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Neverending story byLimahl

1- listen to the song and fill in the blanks


Turn around look at what you
In her  , the mirror of your dreams
Make believe I'm everywhere,

 on the pages is the
answer to a
Reach   , fly a fantasy.
Dream  , and what
you see will
 that keep their secrets
will unfold behind the

There upon the rainbow is the
answer to a , story


Show your fear for she may fade away.
In your hands the  of a new day.
Rhymes that keep their secrets

will unfold behind the clouds
There upon the  is the
answer to a
2- now listen again and sing along!
3- time to learn some words from the song
a- you can see many in the sky at night when it isn't cloudy
b- sometimes there are many in the sky, sometimes there aren't any and the sun shines
c- when I ask you a question, you give me your ...
d- there are many colours in it, you can see it in the sky after rain
e- the day when you were born is your date of ...
f- people have got two and use one when they write; clocks have got two,too; one is for the hours, one for the minutes
g- a good friend keeps it and never says a word to anybody about it
h- there's usually one in the bathroom; you can use it when you brush your hair; girls usually use it when they put on make-up
i- if something has no end but keeps going on and on and on, it is .........
l- before going to bed, children love listening to their mum or dad reading a .........