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So & Neither 2 exercises

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Agree to the statements using SO or Neither
1.���� I did it on purpose. (he)
2.��� They will not have bought the set. (Samantha)
3.��� I am reading an interesting book. (Mark)
4.��� I go to school on weekdays. (Agate)
5.��� He does not like winter. (Angela)
6.��� Pam can tell us everything. (her sister)
7.��� Children should not lie. (parents)
8.��� Teachers were sitting at the desks. (the students)
9.��� The dog did not eat its dinner. (cat)
10. The child will have come soon. (his mother)

Agree to the statements using SO or Neither
1.She should not have told us that. (he)
2. They went on business. (Liva)
3. She will not tell him anything. (her mother)
4. The boy is not listening to his Mom. (his sister)
5. They did not do their homework. (we)
6. She had a question. (Jane)
7. She has not done her work properly. (Julia)
8. They have good advice for you. (Sandra)
9. I cannot promise anything. (anybody)
10.They will be there on time. (we)
11. The bus arrives at three o�clock. (the train)
12.My brother does not like mice. (I)