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Listening Comprehension: A Risky Road Trip

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Listening Comprehension:

A Risky Road Trip

A National Geographic video

Watch the video and decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.
���1.�� The travellers� first destination is 3800 feet above sea level.

2.�� The region belongs to Pakistan.

3.�� There are avalanches and land slides in this region.

4.�� If a big rock broke down, it would roll down the mountain very slowly.

5.�� Harish doesn�t like travelling by car on this road.

6.�� The road is often used by army convoys.

7.�� India used to be part of the British Empire.

8.�� The Siachen�Glacier has been a battle zone since 1947.

9.�� One of the US Presidents called the region the most dangerous place in the world.

10.�������������������� Harish has never been a soldier.

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

1.�� �I find myself in awe of travellers and traders� means:

2.�� Marco Polo was from �and lived around

3.�� People who used to travel on the Silk Road did not use

4.�� If someone could not get to their destination, they certainly

5.�� The name of this road was the road of


The Siachen Glacier