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The Mosquito: Listening and Reading Comprehension

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The Mosquito:

Listening and Reading Comprehension

Watch the video and write in the missing words in the table.


Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes



West Nile

Number of in the life cycle of mosquitoes

Number of eggs laid at a time


The time an can survive

5 before hatching


Microorganisms in the


Non- transitional phase

adult mosquito’s life span


Female mosquito’s diet

Male mosquito’s diet

Nectar from

Number of mosquito species

Most likely to get bitten

People with smelly


People with   hair

Mosquitoes activity

High during a moon





The words in the box have been removed from the text. Write them where they fit.

doors         repellents           breeding            should                outdoors           sleeves                standing             air              indicate      cleaned

How to avoid mosquito bites?

• The best way to avoid mosquito bites is to put insect on exposed skin. In addition, there are other repellents which can be used on clothing, shoes, camping gear, and bed nets. Directions on insect repellents should how often they should be reapplied and for which age groups they're appropriate.

• Consider wearing long pants and long when weather allows it, or simply stay indoors at or near dawn and dusk.

• Eliminate mosquito sites around your home. These include small pools of water such as a birdbath that's not out, water at the bottom of a flowerpot, and old buckets or tires with water. Any kind of container can breed mosquitoes. Emptying such containers once or twice a week do the trick.

• Put screens on your windows and —and repair the screens if they have holes in them. Also, use conditioning so you can keep the windows closed.

• Use mosquito netting on infant carriers when taking your baby .