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Winnie the Pooh discovers seasons

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  Winnie the Pooh discovers seasons.


Spring’s when the world awakens

Summer is the time to grow

Autumn is for getting ready

To be warm through the winter snow


Winnie the Pooh, or just Pooh, got a calendar from Christopher Robin.
The calendar shows us all the twelve and the four in a year.

Here you can see what Pooh and his friends are doing through the year.  

Tigger and Piglet skating on a frozen lake.
It is .

There a lot of bluebells is the forest.
It must be .

Tigger sitting on top of Rabbit. There is a snail and some nice flowers. It is .


Rabbit harvesting carrots and taking them home in a wheelbarrow. It is .


Piglet raking together the leaves that have fallen from the trees. In America they call this season .

Pooh and Piglet working in the garden sowing seeds and planting trees. It is .
Pooh and Piglet bathing. It is nice and hot.
It is .

Pooh and Piglet walking is the snow.
It is .

Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore walking in the fields. We can see a pumpkin, and the leaves on the trees are orange and yellow. It is , or as they call it in America, .