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Winnie the Pooh discovers seasons

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Winnie the Pooh discovers seasons.


Spring�s when the world awakens

Summer is the time to grow

Autumn is for getting ready

To be warm through the winter snow


Winnie the Pooh, or just Pooh, got a calendar from Christopher Robin.
The calendar shows us all the twelve and the four in a year.

Here you can see what Pooh and his friends are doing through the year.�

Tigger and Piglet skating on a frozen lake.
It is .

There a lot of bluebells is the forest.
It must be .

Tigger sitting on top of Rabbit. There is a snail and some nice flowers. It is .


Rabbit harvesting carrots and taking them home in a wheelbarrow. It is .


Piglet raking together the leaves that have fallen from the trees. In America they call this season .

Pooh and Piglet working in the garden sowing seeds and planting trees. It is .
Pooh and Piglet bathing. It is nice and hot.
It is .

Pooh and Piglet walking is the snow.
It is .

Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore walking in the fields. We can see a pumpkin, and the leaves on the trees are orange and yellow. It is , or as they call it in America, .