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Rewrite the following sentences so that the new ones have the same same meaning as the original:             - 

NOTE:  Some tips: 1) in relatives clauses, use "that" whenever possible; 2) don't forget use "full stop" at the end of each sentence; 3) don't forget commas.

1. The house is fascinating.  I bought it last week.
2. Mum advised me to tell always the truth. (two possibilities)
     Mum suggested  
3. The plane took off in time in spite of the hailing.
4. It's possible that her close friend Mary is coming to the festival.
     Her close friend Mary
5. Sarah hasn't eaten junk food since last December.
     Sarah stopped
6. My new neighbours have got a dog. Its name is Lazy.
7. "Where have you been for so long, Philip?", Peter asked.
     Peter asked

8. Perhaps that airline only offers cheap flights in summer holidays.
     That airline
9. Michael's house was farther than Caroline's. (two posibilities)
10. You can make brown paint by mixing red and blue.
      Brown paint
11. I have been living on my own for eight years.
      I started
12. Write the correct question for the underlined words:   I used to call my mum every single day when I was at university.
13. It's such a pity I can't sing well. (I would like to sign up for that contest).
     I wish
14. Mercedes is more expensive than Seat. (two posibilities)
15. In spite of the great effort the doctors weren't able to save his life.
16. I last saw Philip two years ago.
17. I'm sure she's not telling the truth.
18. I'm sure she is telling the truth.
19. Where is the train station, please?
     Could you tell me
20. He didn't arrive in time so he wasn't allowed to get in.
21. The dentist tests her teeth every year.
22. Don Quixote de La Mancha is a literature masterpiece. It was written by Cervantes. (two possibilities)
     Don Quixote de La Mancha   
23. Write a suitable question for the underlined words:
     Calvin and Hobbes were getting into troubles in that strip (historieta de comic).
24. I wish people behave in a different way in the future.
     I wish
25. That man's sister is our new postwoman.
     That is the man
28. Mary was sorry she didn't work out more often.
     Mary wished
29. I forgot to lock the door when I left.
     I didn't remember
30. It's not necessary for you to buy me flowers. (two possibilities)