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Must/mustn´t ,can/can´t or may.

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Complete the sentences with can/can't, must/mustn't or may.
1-You  forget to offer your mother a present on Mother's day.
2-You  brush your teeth regularly.
3-Birds fly but elephants
4-It rain this afternoon. There are many grey clouds in the sky.
5- you lend me some money, please?
6-I  speak French but I can't write it .
7-You  eat or sleep in class.
8-Students switch off their mobile phones in class.
9- Surfing the net  become an addiction.
10- The lesson is over pupils. You leave now.Good bye.
11- You  borrow three books a week from our library.
12-Medicines  cure us when we are ill but they  be harmful if we take them without our doctor's prescription.
13-Teachers and students  go to school late.
14-I  ski at any time of the day here but I  bring my equipment first.
15-We  help the elderly as much as we can.