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Past Tense or Past Perfect tense

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After he   (cook) lunch, they  (eat) it.

After he  (buy) orange juice, he  (drink) it.

Before she  (bake) the birthday cake, she  (buy) flour, sugar and eggs.

After Mary (write) her homework, she  (meet) her friends in the park.

After he (open) the door, he  (see) that the painting was missing.

Before Peter  (drive) home, he  (go) shopping at the new supermarket.

Before Sally  (play) tennis, she  (phone) her friend.

After the children  (do) their homework, they  (watch) TV.

After the president  (enter) the room, he  (answer) the questions.

After the cat  (chase) the mouse, it  (drink) some milk.

After George  (go) to work, thieves  (rob) his house.

Before Brenda (move) to Madrid, she  (sell) her house.

After the boys  (miss) the train, they  (take) a taxi.

Before Julie  (visit) me, I  (send) her an invitation.

After the detective  (got) the telephone call, he  (ask) the police for help.

After Mr Hill  (win) the lottery, he  (buy) a Ferrari and a new computer.

After I  (study) really hard for the test, I  (get) a good mark.

Before she  (play) the piano, she  (write) a letter.

Before they  (go) to the theatre, they  (read) the play.
After he  (leave) her, she  (start) to cry.
Before she  (have) stomach ache, she  (eat) too much soup. Dead