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Talking about the past

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Let's practise talking about the past:
- For regular verbs +ED
Ex. I watched a film on TV last night.
- But you have to LEARN the irregular verbs by heart!
Ex. be --> was/were         have --> had               buy --> bought etc.
- When asking questions or making negative sentences use DID
What did you do last night?
I didn't watch the news.
Now, let's practise!
1. Was or were?
I  born in 1997. When  you born?
Shakespeare  a famous writer.
Romeo and Juliet  lovers.
There  28 pupils in my class last year.
2. Choose the right answer
Yesterday, I  school at 5pm. I . First I  with some friends and then I  for my bus. At 6.30pm the bus still  there so I  my mum and she  to get me in her car. She  very angry because she  her favourite TV program. I to hurry tomorrow!
3. Fill in the gaps
Yesterday, we  (have) an English test. It  (be) easy!
Last summer, I  (go) to England with my family. We  (spend) two weeks in a small town near London.
I  (buy) some trousers at the weekend. They  (be) expensive because they  (be) on sale.
Shakespeare  (write) Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.
I  (leave) home late this morning because I  (forget) to set my alarm clock.