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Tenses Test 2

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Tenses Test 2

1.?? We �over his offer at present.
2.?? Listen! Our dog .
3.??When I got up this morning, my mother �breakfast.
4.??Just as we were �the house, it began to rain.
5.??John �broken-hearted since Mary left him.
6.??A: May I speak to John, please?
??? B: No, I'm sorry. He has �to Hong Kong on business.
7.??When I �on the�street, I met Mary.
8.??When I saw John on my way home,�I �to talk to him.
9.??The television was on but nobody �it.??/FONT>?/DIV>
10.?The water . Can you turn it off for me?
11.? We �more than the normal amount of anow so far this year.
12.? I �to Japan many times.
13.? For thousands of years, people �that no two people have the same fingerprint.
14.? I hear John �a bad cold all the week.
15.? Hurry up! Everyone �for you.
16.? He �serious. What is he thinking about?
17.? He �on business for the past ten years.
18.? He �in a bad mood since last month.
19.? He has been here �last night.
20.?Silvia �English at the moment.
21.? What �Tom will do?
22.? I �them about the accident yet.
23.? I �here for an hour.
24.? Robert has been here .
25.? The decision began after we �tea.
26.? Nobody knew where the man .
27.? I lent him my car which I �the day before.
28.? I was out if breath because I �all the way.
29.? The other day I ran into John whom I �for a long time.
30.? No sooner had the�bell rung �he rushed upstairs.
31.? As soon as I �my meal, I left the restaurant.
32.? On �the news, he wrote to her.
33.? No sooner had the door opened .
34.? I �finished my examination by the time the bell rings.
35.? He will leave here after he �the work.
36.? I shall have finished my dinner .
37.? It is expected that the bridge �completed by next April.
38.? By next Saturday you �with us for three monthes.
39.? By the end of this week, �for a month exactly.
40.? The children have been watching TV . (choose the wrong one)??/DIV>