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Tenses Test 2

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Tenses Test 2

1.?? We  over his offer at present.
2.?? Listen! Our dog .
3.??When I got up this morning, my mother  breakfast.
4.??Just as we were  the house, it began to rain.
5.??John  broken-hearted since Mary left him.
6.??A: May I speak to John, please?
??? B: No, I'm sorry. He has  to Hong Kong on business.
7.??When I  on the street, I met Mary.
8.??When I saw John on my way home, I  to talk to him.
9.??The television was on but nobody  it.??/FONT>?/DIV>
10.?The water . Can you turn it off for me?
11.? We  more than the normal amount of anow so far this year.
12.? I  to Japan many times.
13.? For thousands of years, people  that no two people have the same fingerprint.
14.? I hear John  a bad cold all the week.
15.? Hurry up! Everyone  for you.
16.? He  serious. What is he thinking about?
17.? He  on business for the past ten years.
18.? He  in a bad mood since last month.
19.? He has been here  last night.
20.?Silvia  English at the moment.
21.? What  Tom will do?
22.? I  them about the accident yet.
23.? I  here for an hour.
24.? Robert has been here .
25.? The decision began after we  tea.
26.? Nobody knew where the man .
27.? I lent him my car which I  the day before.
28.? I was out if breath because I  all the way.
29.? The other day I ran into John whom I  for a long time.
30.? No sooner had the bell rung  he rushed upstairs.
31.? As soon as I  my meal, I left the restaurant.
32.? On  the news, he wrote to her.
33.? No sooner had the door opened .
34.? I  finished my examination by the time the bell rings.
35.? He will leave here after he  the work.
36.? I shall have finished my dinner .
37.? It is expected that the bridge  completed by next April.
38.? By next Saturday you  with us for three monthes.
39.? By the end of this week,  for a month exactly.
40.? The children have been watching TV . (choose the wrong one)??/DIV>