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Sumo Wrestling: Reading and Listening Comprehension

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Sumo Wrestling:

Reading and Listening Comprehension


Read some facts about Sumo and do the following exercises.

Each line contains an extra word. Write it in the box.


The History of Sumo and Wrestling                                          

Sumo goes back to over 2000 years.                                           

Originally it was been a celebration at shrines for the rice harvests.

It is said that the stomping, which is still not used today,             

it was originally an effort to summon the gods to bless the harvest.

The first of championship was run in 730 AD                                 

Early wrestlers only could ate meat from fowl because                   

4-legged beasts were believed to be a bad luck                            

since that posture (hands and the knees) is a losing one in sumo.   

Modern wrestlers eat a lots of just about everything!                     


Choose the correct words in the following part


How do you a sumo wrestler?
Training to become a sumo wrestler at age 15 after the applicants pass a health check which has a minimum and weight requirement of 173cm and 75 kg. Trials are held 6 times a year with over 100 applying at each trial. Wrestlers usually around age 30. The training programme is especially designed to develop a which is bottom heavy and therefore difficult to push over!

Watch the video and tick the correct answers to the following questions.

1 Where is the sumo club situated?

 In Tokyo University     In a gym in Tokyo        In a sumo stable

2 Where is Peter from

Japan           Russia          the Czech Republic

3 Who can go to this sumo club?

Only men            Only women                 Both men and women

4 What do sumo wrestlers wear under their towels?

Boxers               Nothing               Underwear

5 Why do they cut their nails before the practice?

So as not to scratch their opponent     So that they can grab their opponent’s belt more easily      So as to have nice hands

6 What do they begin their practice with?

Warm-up exercises        Pushing each other           Basic sumo movements

7 What are sumo rules like?

Complicated                 Simple               Ordinary

8 What is the main purpose of a sumo wrestler?

To beat up his opponent       To cause injuries to his opponent     To beat his opponent without injuring him