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Asking linked questions

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Asking linked questions
1.  A: So what's that new film like? Any ?
     B: Yes, it's great - if you like Hugh Grant.
2.  A: What  Malta like? Was it  ?:
     B: Yes, it was really lovely. We were never out of the water.
3.  A:  ? Is it  ?
     B: Yes, it's huge. It's got four bedrooms and an enormous garden.
4.  A:   ?
     B: No, it wasn't actually. It was really boring. In fact, I didn't even finish reading it.
5.  A:   ?
     B:Yes, very much. My boss is really nice and it's quite well paid, really.
6.  A:  ?  ?
     B: Yes, it was quite warm, but not as hot as the last time we went.
7.  A:   ?
     B: Yes, I think it's great.The third track is brilliant.
8.  A:   ?
     B: No, we lost three-one. It was just terrible. I can't believe it.