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The Elephant Song

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The Elephant Song

by Eric Herman
Watch the video and do the exercises
don't swing swim bark case ocean
swing see trees sniff how
thinking fleas mailman scratch
The above words are missing in the lyrics. Write them in the right place.
Elephants! I like elephants.
Elephants! I like elephants.
I like  they  through trees...
No... elephants  through trees...
They don't? What am I  of?
Oh! In that  ...
Monkeys! I like monkeys.
I like how they  in the ...
No, that's fish.
Oh, I ...
Fish! I like fish.
Fish! I like fish.
I like how they  at  ,and  at trees and  at the mailman.
No, no, no, those are dogs.
No? Ah!
Now put the jumbled words of the song in order
 I like how they say, Cock-a-doodle-doo!
 Ah! Bears! Yes, yes, yes
  Cats! I like cats.
  Gotta like dogs.
 I like how they reach the into the beehives for the honey.
 Uh uh... bears do that.
 Roosters! I like roosters.
 Curled up on the windowsill purring and chasing mice...
 No, no, no, they go meow. you're thinking of roosters.
 Cats? Of course.
 Cats! I like cats.
 No, no, cats.
 Complete the lines. The images will help you
  I like  .
I  Smile how they jump up high to catch a   and sit on a  .
No, no, no, no, no, no!  .
Gotta like   .
Running through a   for some   ...
No, that's   .
Oh,  .
Match the animals to their actions
1. Donkeys They jump up high, to catch a fly, and sit on a lily pad.
2. Elephants  They scratch at fleas,  sniff at trees and bark at the the mailman.
3. Bears  They say "He haw! He haw".
4. Cats  They say "Cock-a-doodle-doo".
5. Monkeys  They run through a maze for some cheese.
6. Roosters  They stomp through the jungle with their big grey   trunks.
7. Fish  They swim in the ocean.
8. Frogs  They reach into the beehives for the honey.
9. Mice  They purr curled up on the windowsill and chase for mice.
10. Dogs   They swing through the trees.
Match the animals to their sounds
 Woof woof
 Roar roar
 Buzz buzz
 Baa baa
 Wehee wehee
 Quack quack
 Gobble gobble
 Sss sss
 Ribbet ribbet
 Moo moo