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1. Unscramble the letters and write the names of the jobs:
R R A P C N E E T                 A F E M R R                    O K O C                  S T I E D T N   
E E C T D V I T E                   C O O D R T                    T R A I T S          A N F R E M I  
C T C T A N U O A N        A N P I L O C M E       E G J D U               I D S L R E O   
2. Match the jobs with the right pictures
  ACCOUNTANT     ARTIST                    ASTRONAUT         BUSINESS MAN    CARPENTER     
  COAL MINER         COWBOY                 DENTIST                  DOCTOR                 FARMER            
  FIREMAN              GYMNAST              HOCKEY PLAYER  JUDGE                     COOK                 
  MUSICIAN            POLICEMAN          PUPPETEER              SKIER                        TEACHER          

1   2  3   4   5

 6   7  8   9 10

 11 12  13  14   15

16   17   18  19   20

 3. Read the definitions and choose the right job.    
1) A skilled craftsperson  working with wood to construct, install and maintain buildings,      
    furniture,  and  other objects. The work may involve manual labor and work outdoors.   
2) This person helps people who don't feel very well.     
3) This person manipulates an inanimate object in real time to create the illusion of life. He/she may be visible or 
     hidden and he can operate the object indirectly by the use of strings, rods, wires, electronics or directly by
     his/her own  hands. 
4) This person usually wears a long robe and sits on an elevated platform. In some countries he/she also can wear a
     wig. He/she has a big power.  
5) Most of the people meets this person in childhood. we can learn music, writing, counting and loads of other useful