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Revision Exercises

I Read the following letter. Then say TRUE or FALSE.

Hi, Im Rose Elliot, from Ro Torres. Im nineteen years old and Im a student at the university. Im studying law. I love to study. I live with my mother Mary, my father Paul and my brother John. He is seven and hes a student at Elementary school.

I love sports too. I can play handball and hockey, but I cant surf or skate. My brother can. Hes an expert. My brother eats a lot; he really loves Italian food, such as spaghetti, gnocchi and pizza. I love eating too. My favorite food is hamburgers. Theyre delicious.

At the moment Im watching TV with my little brother. Hes watching The Simpsons.

I have to go now,



1. She is Rose Elliot from Argentina.

2. She is 7 years old.
3. She has a little brother.
4. She can skate very well.
5. Her favorite food is hamburgers.

II Rose is talking to a friend at university. Complete their conversation.

Kathie: Hello, Rose

Rose: My last name is Elliot.


Rose: E L- L- I-O-T
Rose: Im nineteen years old.
Rose: I live with family.
Rose: Yes, I do. His names John.


Rose: He is seven.


Rose: He is watching TV.


Rose: Yes, he can.
Rose: His favorite food is pizza.
Rose: I go to university in the morning.

III Now complete the paragraph about Roses routine. Choose the correct option.

My day at 7 oclock when I breakfast. I leave home for university at 7.45. I there on foot. Classes at 8.15 and they at 12.30. After that I home and lunch. My mother delicious food. My father at his clothes shop, so he have lunch at home. He at a restaurant near the shop.

In the afternoon I to the club and some sports. I and friends. In the evening my brother and I a little TV. And when my father we dinner together.