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Present Simple                          Past Simple
see                                                saw
go                                                 went
creep                                            crept
dream                                           dremt
drink                                            drank
fall                                                fell
eat                                                ate
fight                                              fought
hit                                                  hit
run                                                 ran
buy                                                bought
stand                                              stood
sleep                                               slept
sit                                                   sat
write                                              wrote
think                                              thought
Rewrite sentences in PAST SIMPLE
(Pârrakstiet teikumus pagâtnç.)
              I see.
              I saw.
He goes.                    He cleans.               He creeps.                         They dance.
He .            He .     He .                   They.
He dreams.                                               He drinks.                         He eats                           She falls.
He  .                                         He .                  He  .                  She .
They fight.                                     They hit each other.                        She laughs.                     He listens.
They .                           They  each other.              She .            He .
Now contradict the sentences using Past Simple use full form -did not-
(Tagad veidojiet noliegumu pagâtnes laikâ, izmantojiet tikai pilnu formu did not)
              I saw.
              I did not see.
She played well.                       They ran fast.                            She bought food.                    He fell onto the ground.
She  well.      They  fast.         She  food.      He onto the ground.
He stood proudly.                     He slept well.                                He sat in his chair.                         They went for a walk.
He  proudly.  He  well.            He  in his chair.    They  for a walk.
Make questions in Past Simple
(Veidojiet jautâjumus pagâtnç)
              I saw.
              Did I see?
He shouted loudly.                     He escaped.                                       She went to school.                     He wrote on the wall.
 loudly?          ?                            to school?            on the wall?
He thought about life.                               He jumped high.                    He fell down.                           He crept.
 about life?                    high?            down?           ?
He skated.                                                He showed.                             He sat for a while.                        He cleaned a cup.
?                                ?                    for a while?             a cup?