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Read about some technology tools. The bolded words may be new to you. Their meanings are given below the paragraph. Write the word that matches each meaning.
No matter what kind of work you do as an adult, you will probably use a computer. You can enter words and numbers by typing them on a keyboard.A monitor will show your work as you type. It looks like a television screen. When you are finished, the printer can be used to print out a hard copy. A diskette can be used to save your work. You can also add a modem to your computer. With a computer and e-mail, the modem helps you communicate with other people.
1. The tool used for typing words and numbers is a ___________________.
2. The screen that shows your work is called a ____________________.
3. The tool used to make a hard copy is a ____________________.
4. With a computer, the tool used for communicating with other people is called a ____________________.
5. You save your work on a ____________________.
6. The technology tool you need now and for the future is a ____________.
7. Your printed pages are called a ____________________.
On a separate sheet, write the words you used in alphabetical order.